Coventry University

Location: Midlands


Coventry University’s Centre for Advanced Low-Carbon Propulsion Systems (C-ALPS) brings together academic expertise and state-of-the-art facilities in battery and supercapacitor cells, hydrogen fuel-cells, e-motors and drives, creating an environment where researchers and industry work together on the science and engineering behind the next generation of electrified propulsion systems.

Global engineering consultancy FEV is a founding partner, with its UK commercial operations co-located in the C-ALPS facility, offering partners a unique blend of academic and engineering support.

Key strengths and unique capabilities

  • Power semiconductor device performance, characterisation, and modelling
  • GaN and SiC wide bandgap device development
  • Device modelling and characterisation
  • EMC modelling and testing
  • E-machine and drive design for propulsion systems  
  • Design for manufacture and assembly – part of Coventry University’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME)
  • Metrology (AME) 
  • Laser joining (AME) 
  • Digital manufacturing (AME) 
  • E-machine test and development (C-ALPS) 
  • Quasi-static e-motor characterisation bench test 
  • 5 system test benches ranging from 250 – >475kW 
  • Circa 450kW DC power with higher capacity  
  • Bulk hydrogen supply into all 5 cells for powertrain testing  
  • Metrology – measurement systems and control of uncertainty in manufacturing processes 
  • Design for manufacture and assembly 
  • Laser joining  
  • Digital manufacturing  

More than £20m of investment has been channelled into C-ALPS, a world-class and continually evolving research and test centre. This independent facility works with multiple OEMs, tier 1s and SMEs.


Managed in conjunction with FEV UK, C-ALPS houses 5 state-of-the-art powertrain test cells for high-power testing, incorporating > 300kW of DC power, hydrogen and fuel supplies for complete system testing.

  • Flexible modular test system for e-drive research and development
  • High power dynos > 450kW
  • High speed testing > 25krpm
  • Quasi-static e-machine characterisation
  • Power and efficiency measurement
  • Control hardware and software development
  • Thermal characterisation

The EMC chamber at C-ALPS provides an environment where partners can work with the centre’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to de-risk products and technologies, diagnosing early issues with power hardware.

  • EMI test receiver (9kHz-3.6GHz): for certification measurement, compliant to CISPR 
  • 3m x 3m EMI chamber with conducted and radiated emission up to 10GHz for pre-compliance measurement and research 
  • DUT DC/AC operation, DC power range up to 1kV / 200A  
  • Compliant to CISPR25 conducted and radiated emission 

The centre’s expertise in power semiconductors and semiconductor device performance supports their industrial partners with the development of high-efficiency and high power-density power converter systems; accelerating the adoption of wide band-gap devices and optimising performance through digital modelling and control techniques. 

  • Keysight B1505A Curve Tracer for power device characterisation up to 1500A/10kV  
  • N1265A UHC Expander/Fixture ±500A/60V (7.5kW peak power) 
  • N1268A UHV Expander ±10kV (20mA pulsed) 
  • Inseto Magnetic Stimulation Wafer Probing Station producing a magnetic field up to 400mT flux density 

With expertise and state-of-the-art facilities in metrology and laser joining, the AME research centre is well placed to support partners with related PEMD manufacturing projects. Open access equipment includes: 

  • ABB Robot Welding Cell
  • Zeiss CMM
  • Hexagon Romar Arm
  • Lecia Laser Tracker
  • Photogrammetry kits
  • MetraSCAN 3D
  • Mitutoyo SV-C3100 surface finish and contour measurement
  • Alicona G5 instrument
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