High performance, efficient, reliable, fault tolerant PEMD products are needed to meet the requirements for new and emerging aerospace applications, such as

  • urban air mobility (UAM)
  • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)
  • hybrid propulsion
  • electrified auxiliary systems



  • PEMD products are required to support the global trend towards electrification in the automotive sector
  • The UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030
  • All new cars and vans sold in the UK will be required to be fully zero emission at the tailpipe by 2035


  • Smaller personal mobility vehicles, such as eScooters, eCargo bikes and light quadracycles are becoming common
  • Compact, power dense, low cost, PEMD products are required to serve this emerging sector

Truck & Bus

  • Electrification of heavy duty road vehicles is challenging, as vehicle payload must be maintained
  • PEMD products underpin heavy vehicle electrification, including systems with batteries or hydrogen fuel cells
  • Durable, high power, lightweight systems are required



  • Heavy duty PEMD products are required to support electrification and/or hybridisation in the marine sector


  • A wide range of PEMD products are required to meet diverse applications across agricultural and construction equipment


  • While rail was an early adopter of electrified and hybrid technology, shifts to fully electric systems present infrastructure challenges
  • PEMD technologies will support electrification of the rolling stock, power distribution systems at track-side, communications and signalling technologies
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