Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre Scotland


DER-IC Scotland’s new equipment is being housed at PNDC (University of Strathclyde). PNDC specialises in de-risking and accelerating the commercialisation of innovative MW scale technologies and architectures through testing and validation using real-world hardware and simulation capabilities. It has a proven track record in innovation and supporting the advancement of novel technologies through design, manufacture and verification at system, sub-system and component levels. PNDC works with a broad range of stakeholders across industry, academia and policy making.


High-Power Propulsion and Powertrain Systems Validation Capability

MW-scale innovation and testing capability, comprising

  • DER-IC funded MW rated dynamometers – 2 units of 1 MW power rating each, switchable torque/speed ranges, comprehensive data acquisition capability to enable testing of powertrains for Aviation, Maritime, Rail and HGV applications
  • DER-IC funded MW-scale AC & DC power supplies – 1 MVA 4-quadrant power supply capable of operating in AC and DC modes; 3-phase and single phase AC power supply capability; up to 3kV DC capability
  • Brings additional Hardware-in-the-Loop capability to existing multi-MW PNDC capability
  • MW-scale test bed for machines and drives
  • Complemented by partner capabilities at the University of St Andrews (hydrogen platforms), University of Edinburgh (semiconductor device and converter capability), University of Glasgow (semiconductor R&D), NMIS (design & manufacturing) and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP)