The DER-IC network draws upon a broad range of capabilities to support industry partners, whether it is for product or manufacturing processes development.

Product and Manufacturing Process Equipment Design

DER-IC offers support in designing both product and manufacturing process equipment to develop effective solutions for specific requirements.

Manufacturing Process Development and Optimisation

DER-IC works closely with industry partners to develop and optimise manufacturing processes. Much of our equipment is representative of volume manufacturing process, to accelerate and de-risk project delivery.

Prototype Manufacture and Scale-up Support

DER-IC provides prototype manufacture and support for process scale-up. The network has knowledge of production processes, to optimise manufacturing parameters and smooth the pathway to production.

In-Process and End-of-Line Test and Validation

DER-IC offers comprehensive test and validation services to ensure the reliability and performance of products and systems, covering functional testing, performance evaluation and environmental testing at all stages of the production process with a ‘no fault forward’ approach.

Materials and Components Characterisation

DER-IC can draw on extensive facilities for the characterisation of materials and components used in PEMD. Our equipment can help to analyse and evaluate the properties and performance of materials, components and joining technologies, enabling informed decision-making in material selection, quality control and design optimisation.

Electrification Skills Learning and Development

The DER-IC network provides a comprehensive package of electrification skills learning and development, working with the ER Skills Hub to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals in the PEMD industry. This covers technical areas across all skill levels, including bespoke short courses for industry.