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Working with DER-IC

The entire DER-IC network can be accessed through any of the regional centres. 

How to Engage

The DER-IC network

  • can deliver projects and access to equipment and capability through direct commercial contract
  • engages in collaborative research and development projects (CR&D) funded through UKRI, Innovate UK, regional initiatives and other funding schemes
  • hosts an online portal enabling partners to highlight PEMD capability, and link with the national DER-IC network and industry to promote business to business collaboration
  • provides SME advice and regional support programmes

Benefits of Engagement

DER-IC can facilitate targeted introductions to expedite access to the most relevant researchers and capability across the partner network. Company IP can be protected through all engagement routes.

By using DER-IC equipment and capability, supply chain partners can

  • verify manufacturing process and product performance ahead of committing to capital investment
  • reduce development cost and risk for New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • achieve a faster time to market

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