Location: North East


CPI are a social enterprise that accelerates the development, scale-up and commercialisation of deep tech and sustainable manufacturing solutions. Through their innovation experts and infrastructure, they look beyond the obvious to transform healthcare and drive towards a sustainable future.

As a trusted partner of industry, academia, government, entrepreneurs and the investment community, CPI are the catalyst for delivering smart AgriFoodTech, energy storage, HealthTech, materials, and pharma innovations. CPI are part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, facilitating access to world-class organisations to deliver transformation across industries.

Key strengths and unique capabilities

  • Materials
  • Formulation
  • Coating and structuring
  • Sensors
  • Engineering assessments for process scale-up
  • Technoeconomic assessment
  • CAPEX/OPEX process requirement.
  • Characterisation, formulation and coating of magnetic materials
  • Development of sensors containing magnetic materials, including deposition techniques to prepare on a batch or roll-to-roll basis.

Batch and roll-to-roll coating capability on flat, flexible or structured surfaces.

  • Ability to print sensors onto busbars for improved process monitoring
  • Development of process analytical tools for online process monitoring and digital support. 
  • Formulation and coating of surfaces to modify properties
  • Characterisation of friction and wear properties of materials.

CPI are exploring processes to capture waste industrial greenhouse and renewable gases, to transform them into aviation fuel that could contribute to a reduction of up to 70% in CO2 emissions across the fuel lifecycle.


High throughput formulation and automation equipment for rapid formulation screening and development, as well as scale-up capability.

Advanced characterisation facilities including:

  • Microscopy with elemental characterisation
  • Physicochemical testing
  • Adhesion and strength testing.

Batch and roll-to-roll coating capabilities in slot die and screen printing.

Materials synthesis capability including raw materials and development of recycling processes.

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