Swansea University

Location: South West and Wales


The Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) at Swansea University brings together semiconductor and advanced materials platforms and processes to deliver new technologies and products. CISM has received a £5m investment from DER to create a wide band gap power electronics component industrial pilot line. The pilot line will also be part of CSconnected, the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster based in South Wales. The new equipment will be housed in CISM at Swansea University’s Bay Campus in bespoke ISO 5 and 6 Cleanrooms.


CISM will deliver a bespoke, integrated facility for semiconductor research and technology development at Swansea University containing:

  • Manufacturing grade, ISO-qualified clean rooms for process development
  • Backend materials integration and packaging capability
  • Advanced NNG research laboratories
  • II/III-VI MOCVD growth facility
  • Customer Bays for SME incubation
  • Access to advanced characterisation and analysis (microscopy, surface analysis, chemical, optical, electrical)
  • Access to state-of-the-art materials and device-level theory and simulation.

CISM provides a range of services from blue-sky research to applied research and development, prototyping and process development, specialist services, incubation, engagement and training.


The DER wide bandgap power electronics component industrial pilot line includes:

  • Advanced electron microscopy (TEM, SEM, FIB)​
  • Surface chemical analysis and multi-functional scanning probe​
  • Multi-wafer batch wet etch stations​
  • Advanced atomic layer, chemical vapour and molecular vapour deposition​
  • Component modelling and design suite​
  • Component stress and failure testing​
  • Thin film analysis (ellipsometry, spectrophotometry).
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