Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP)

Location: Scotland


Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP), an ambitious joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise, is a world class Innovation Parc focused on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

With a 32-hectare site and excellent physical connectivity, MSIP has dynamic space that can adapt to all sizes of business. As well as large, flexible space, tenants have access to an innovation campus, a skills academy, business support and competitive, green energy delivered from sustainable sources.

Underpinning all activities at MSIP is a collaborative approach to achieve the goal of net zero.

Key strengths and unique capabilities

A flexible 32ha physical environment with excellent infrastructure, connectivity and space to grow.

A fully equipped 2700m² skills academy and a curriculum built around the needs of all actors in the green economy including advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and robotics.

  • Academic and industry partnerships
  • Access to innovation funding and partners
  • An annual MSIP Innovation Challenge
  • Innovation labs and dedicated MakerSpace facility with 3D printing and other manufacturing and electrical equipment
  • Test and demonstration location

Including two 2.1MW wind turbines, solar panels, and steam and heat from a newly commissioned waste-to-energy plant.

Investment advice, hot-desking space, MSIP Accelerator Programme, collaborations and business advice workshops amongst other support. 

Capitalising on current policy, MSIP is at the forefront of the climate change movement and a centre for excellence in the transformation of the transport sector. Everything at MSIP is underpinned with a collaborative approach, to achieve the goal of net zero.


A custom designed facility to support the testing of zero emission drivetrain heavy and niche vehicles. Operating from 2023. 

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