Notes from Matt Boyle

As I reflect on 2022, just after the first consortium meeting looking at progress, I am extremely impressed by what has and is being achieved.

Capability across the country and consortium is being boosted by the commissioning of the equipment and it being incorporated into collaborative research and development and commercial projects. This is a sign of great progress against a backdrop of continually challenging economic conditions. The world needs the solutions being worked on in the UK. It is important both commercially and environmentally that we make swift progress.

I am thankful to all the partners for their hard work and dedication to the project, to pushing progress against strong headwinds. I am extremely grateful to all of the DER Industrialisation Centres employees and support staff who tirelessly strive for excellence and the solutions to seemingly intractable process problems.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution made by Rachel Chambers who, having been with the project from the beginning, leaves the project for new and exciting challenges.

Matt Boyle