The Power, Electronic, Machines and Drives industry is full of acronyms. Here’s a handy guide below on some of the various terms used within the sector.

Term Description
APC Advanced Propulsion Centre
ATI  Aerospace Technology Institute
BEIS Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Capability Mapping Database of DER-IC network partner Academic (research) and Academic/RTO (Industrialisation) capability
Co-Investment Leverage Set of financial forecasting and reporting data to reflect DER-IC project investments, contributions and PEMD industry impact
CRM  Customer Relationship Management software 
CSA Compound Semiconductor Application
DER Driving the Electric Revolution
DER CD Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge Director
DER MO Driving the Electric Revolution Monitoring Officer
DER Challenge DER Challenge programme 
DER-IC DER Industrialisation Centres
DER-IC BDMs  DER-IC Business Development Managers
DER-IC Brand Distinct DER-IC branding, not DER Challenge branding
DER-IC COOs DER-IC Chief Operating Officers
DER-IC Delivery Team DER-IC Leadership Team and Business Development Managers responsible for day-to-day delivery of DER-IC project
DER-IC Leadership Team DER-IC Chief Operating Officers responsible for management of the regional DER-IC centres 
DER-IC Network All 35 academic and RTO DER-IC project partners
DER-IC project 4 Industrialisation centres and their grant funded equipment
DER-IC Project Manager Newcastle University employed project manager to monitor delivery of the DER-IC project and report progress to the DER MO. 
DER-IC SPOC DER-IC Single Point of Contact with the DER CD
DIT Department for International Trade
ER Application for DER-IC equipment grant funding
Equipment Utilisation Equipment project allocation measured and reported quarterly 
FCDO Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GFA Innovate UK – Newcastle University Grant Funding Agreement
Induced or Aligned funding Industry investment in own production facilities as a result of a DER-IC Project 
ISCF Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KTN Knowledge Transfer Network
Milestones Critical events in the delivery plan that are contractual
MW-scale High power PEMD
NMIS National Manufacturing Institute Scotland 
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Operational phase April ’24 to March ’30
PEMD Power Electronics, Machines and Drives
Project phase April ’20 to March ’24
Project Income Investment by DER-IC network partner in PEMD capability post DER-IC equipment operational date 
RTO Research & Technology Organisation (e.g. Catapults)
Signposting Directing industry to most relevant DER-IC network partner capability
Sovereign National 
UKRI UK Research and Innovation
WBG Wide Band Gap semiconductors including but not limited to Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitride 
WMG Warwick Manufacturing Group